penguins innovate

Class 9
Data processing apparatus;computer programs, recorded;computer software,recorded;monitors [computer programs];computer software applications, downloadable;humanoid robots with artificial intelligence;monitoring apparatus, other than for medical purposes;sound transmitting apparatus;security surveillance robots;connection for electric lines;loudspeakers;video recorders;electrified rails for mounting spot lights;remote control apparatus.
Class 11
Lamps;lighting apparatus and installations;ceiling lights;lamp globes / globes for lamps;laboratory lamps;safety lamps;luminous tubes for lighting;light diffusers;lampshade holders;street lamps / standard lamps;light-emitting diodes [LED] lighting apparatus;lamp mantles / lamp casings;lights for vehicles;lighting apparatus for vehicles.
Class 38
Communications by computer terminals;
Message sending;computer aided transmission of messages and images;providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network;providing user access to global computer network;providing internet chatrooms;providing access to databases;transmission of digital files;video conferencing services;streaming of data;transmission of electronic mail;information about telecommunication;voice mail services;video-on-demand transmission.